Fatra in Lancaster

Fatra in Lancaster
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Fatra in LancasterIf you are searching for Fatra in Lancaster, you will be pleased to know that we have a good selection of Fatra products at North West Roofing Supplies. We ensure a wide range of products so that our clients find everything they need under one roof. Furthermore, we only offer quality and branded products that have been tested and approved by major construction companies. Fatra is a well-known brand that designs and supplies a wide variety of roof types, ranging from small housing to large commercial properties.

As such, if you are looking for roofing products in Lancaster, Fatra is available at any of our branches. Fatra waterproofing membranes are known for their effectiveness and are suitable with a wide range of roofs including roofs that are ventilated and non-ventilated, inverted, high-traffic, single ply, pitched or flat. There are three methods of fixing the waterproofing membrane: ballasted, adhered, or fastened. The advantages of Fatra waterproofing membrane are numerous and will include root resistance, excellent resistance to the weather, long life span, easy maintenance, structural strength and resistance, high water vapour permeability and so on. Another advantage is that it is environmentally friendly and will have a minimum impact on the environment while providing a performance unmatched by others. By the end of their life cycle, all Fatra waterproofing membranes can be recycled! Just let us know if you are searching for high quality Fatra products, we will be happy to provide you with quality ones. On top of that, we do have other roofing products and accessories in our stock, and in case you need any sorts of advice or recommendation, we are here to assist you.

Whether you want information about Fatra in Lancaster or any other products in our stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also make deliveries, so simply give us a call. We also have a free estimating and specification service for your convenience. With over three branches covering the North West, you are guaranteed to find everything for your roofing projects at North West Roofing Supplies.