Lead Sheet in Blackpool

Lead Sheet in Blackpool
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Lead Sheet in BlackpoolLead sheet in Blackpool is available at an excellent price from North West Roofing Supplies. Lead has been used for roofing material for centuries and for good reason. It is readily available and extremely durable. Our lead sheeting products are manufactured to British standards with consistent thickness and weight. The lead sheeting we stock is 99.9% pure and easy to work with. Its greatest use is weather proofing the roof and flashings.  Exterior and interior layers add high levels of perfectly fitted protection for all types of roofs anywhere two joints come together. Around the chimney and flashings are your roof is vulnerable but when your roofer uses the flexible yet durable lead sheeting, the seams are sealed tight and they stay that way for decades.

At North West Roofing Supplies, we stock Midland brand lead sheet because we know it to be manufactured to consistently high standards here in the UK. In Blackpool, lead sheet contribution to the construction industry by Midland exceeds 600,000 tonnes; some of it on famous buildings and castles. Your roofing project may not be a castle but it deserves the same quality construction materials; that’s what you get with our Lead sheet. There are varying specifications depending on use but if you have questions on that topic, talk to our sales staff and they’ll get you sorted out. Actually their knowledge and understanding of all our products is extraordinary in the retail roofing business.

We at North West Roofing Supplies is proud to promote Midland brand lead sheet in Blackpool. It’s easy to use so you can shape it to fit around anything you want impervious to water. The lead sheet we supply our customers is produced from recycled lead. Since lead is recyclable, it’s the environmentally smart choice. Contact North West Roofing Supplies and find out why, after hundreds of years, we’re still using lead on our roofs. We have good prices to pass along to our roofing contractors on all our roofing materials plus prompt delivery is available. The ancillary products for install lead sheet are available here along with most anything else you could need.