Lead Sheet in Eccles

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Lead Sheet in Eccles

Do you plan to use lead sheet in Eccles for your roof? Lead sheeting is a powerful weatherproofing material for both pitched and flat roofs. It is also use for parapets, gutters, flashings and other lead detail work. At Northwest Roofing Supplies we have both rolled and premium cast lead sheets, which are produced to the highest standard of quality. We also have a rigorous testing standard, which is certified by the British Board of Agreement and the British Standards Institution, which oversee the quality of machine cast lead, and rolled lead respectively. We also perform checks to ensure that the end product is at least 99.95% pure lead, and that each sheet has a thickness variation in the vicinity of +/- 5%.

When re-roofing, or building a home in Eccles, lead sheet is only one of your options. We also offer roofing slates, roofing tiles, flat roofing products, timber products, roofing insulation, sunlight products, and roofing accessories. In terms of services, we pride ourselves on our fantastic delivery capabilities. We deliver both throughout the North West, and throughout the country. Our national freight services are competitively priced, just like our products. Our sales representatives will be able to guide you through our list of products, and your options when it comes to delivery.

So give us a call today, and we will help you purchase the best lead sheet in Eccles. You can also come visit one of our three branches, which are located in Manchester, St Annes and St Helens. You’ll also have the chance to check out our flat roofing products from suppliers such as Icopal, IKO and Flex-R. When it comes to tiles, we supply from leading manufacturers such as Redland, Marley Eternit and Cupa Pizarras. Cupa is the world leader when it comes to natural roofing slates, with 16 quarries and 22 processing plants. Needless to say that their products are amazing, and they combine traditional, artisanal styles with high quality, high tech production processes.

Ring North West Roofing Supplies on 01253 72 77 77 for lead sheet in Eccles.