Lead Sheet in Fleetwood

Lead Sheet in Fleetwood
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Lead Sheet in FleetwoodIf used and disposed correctly lead sheet in Fleetwood poses no risk to human health. It has a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and newly installed it forms a natural patina or surface protection film. It is very strong and adherent and any minute particles of corrosion washed off during the lifetime of the roof become highly diluted in rainwater. Since there is very little lead getting into the water it has an extremely limited impact on the eco-system. Lead has been proved to be one of the greenest building materials available. It is 100% recyclable and can be used repeatedly without any loss of performance. It is one of the most flexible, malleable and weatherproof materials.

Some lead roofs are still doing their job 100 years after installation. In Fleetwood, lead sheet is supplied by our stores to roofers all over the North West. It has a proven track record going back centuries and almost 95% of lead is recycled. The excess from a roofing project and the off cuts can be sold to a scrap metal merchant for recycling so there is no waste. This wonderful material is of particular benefit to people installing flat roofs. It will normally last as long if not longer than the building it is covering and can be used in areas where waterproofing can be a problem.

We supply recyclable lead sheet in Fleetwood. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today or visit one of our four stores to see the wide range of roofing supplies we stock. We import Spanish natural slate and have an extensive stock of all pitched and flat roofing materials. Our business was established in 2001 in St Helens and has grown through word of mouth and recommendations into the vibrant and healthy business we are so proud of today. Our delivery service is available six days a week to bring your roofing materials to your door in most areas. We have a well earned reputation for efficient service, reliability and knowledgeable and friendly staff.