Lead Sheet in Prescot

Lead Sheet in Blackpool
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Lead Sheet in PrescotWhen you put up a roof with lead sheet in Prescot, you can be confident that it’s going to last for years! At North West Roofing Supplies, we provide top-quality lead sheeting in premium cast and rolled sheet options. Both these are produced in sync with the latest regulations and standards prescribed by the industry keeping your security, safety and health in mind. Our lead sheeting is produced keeping a 99.95% purity of metal and with each roll being manufactured to consistent thickness. Being an excellent weather proofing material, lead is a great option for pitched and flat roofs, flashings, gutters, parapets and all kinds of detailing works. Our lead sheeting carries the CE mark for being completely fit for the purpose.

Being an extremely durable and hard-wearing metal, lead roofing can last for at least a century if it’s maintained properly. In Prescot, lead sheet roofing supplied by us is manufactured to the highest standards. We also ensure that it is treated, handled and stored with care, because lead is a very soft and malleable metal. Each roll is packed in individual packets on pallets which are never stored stacked on top of each other. In ancient times, lead roofs were cast using the method of pouring molten lead on a bed of sand. This method may still be used when replacing or repairing old lead sheets on churches and cathedrals so that the authenticity is maintained. However, today, lead sheets are milled in rolling mills and manufactured to British Standard 1178.

Lead sheet in Prescot for roofing purposes can be used for repairs too. If certain parts of your lead roof are damaged or broken, we can coordinate with your roofing contractor to supply the right amount of sheet at very competitive rates. Contact us or visit our offices at a location convenient to you for more information on our products and services. Since we have national freight facilities, we can deliver anywhere in the country at very competitive rates. We have a well-established network throughout the North West of England, but we can provide services anywhere in the country too.