Looking For Marley Cedral Cladding in Chester

Looking For Marley Cedral Cladding in Chester
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Looking For Marley Cedral Cladding in ChesterWhen looking for Marley cedral cladding in Chester, you can find the best selection at North West Roofing Supplies. This tough, long-lasting and versatile roofing material is made from fiber cement. It is the perfect solution for external cladding work, as it is low maintenance, rot proof and a great alternative to traditional timber products. It has all the attractiveness and great good looks of natural wood, without the need for regular maintenance or care. Marley Eternit is UK’s leading roofing systems manufacturer with more than a century’s experience in creating and supplying top-quality roofing solutions. Known for its diverse portfolio of products and global presence, Marley has won several industry awards. At North West Roofing Supplies, we are proud to add these products to our premium suite of roofing materials.

Cedral cladding is available in a dazzling range of finishes, from natural wood to more than 25 factory applied solid shades and over 4 wood-stain textures. In Chester, looking for Marley cedral cladding is an excellent undertaking, as it is long-lasting, attractive and manufactured to last for at least 60 years. The product is insect proof, doesn’t warp, bend or shrink, as it is water protected. All it needs is a quick wipe down to keep it looking fresh and new. Another advantage is that cedral cladding is rated Class O fire rating, so it protects your building too. You also get a comprehensive range of matching aluminium trims to give your roof that neat, finished look. It is the ideal alternative to traditional timber cladding with the visual appeal of natural wood. It’s also very easy to install and is much better looking than PVCu alternatives.

If you’re looking for Marley cedral cladding in Chester, we can also provide design and installation advice. Based on your requirements and budget, we can suggest the best solution, along with providing estimates and specifications. Contact North West Building Supplies if you are looking for Marley Cedral cladding. We also offer convenient, efficient and prompt delivery services. Apart from cedral cladding, we also offer many other premium roofing products to suit your building needs.