Marley in Lancashire

Marley in Lancashire
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Marley in LancashireGive yourself a fabulous roof tiled with Marley in Lancashire. At North West Roofing Supplies, we offer a great range of local and international roofing products to suit all your roofing needs. We are the region’s leading suppliers of Spanish natural slate, and have an extensive inventory of roofing supplies and materials. Our products are suited for both pitched and flat roofs. We also provide premium quality insulation, PVC roofline and roof window products. Our customer base extends throughout the North West of the UK and beyond. We deliver your roofing materials to your front door six days a week. Since we were established in 2001, we have established enduring relationships with key suppliers. That’s why our customers get the most affordable and competitive rates in the business. No matter what your requirement, however large or small, we are glad to be of assistance.

The Marley range of roof tiles has had a huge impact throughout Great Britain. In Lancashire, Marley roof tiles are available in traditional and familiar regional styles. But if you want other options, the company has them too. From sleek, contemporary and minimalistic to rustic countryside and classical designs, urban or rural the Marley range has them all. Marley’s also has great choices in conventional clay tiles, modern fibre cement and slates and concrete tiles. The company also offers a dazzling array of roofing accessories and products. Profiled sheeting, fittings and accessories, shingles and shakes are all available. Customers can browse through the downloadable brochure on the Marley website for more information. They also provide sample requests if they need them. A Roof Selector app on the website allows you to quickly and easily select the most appropriate roof for your needs and budget.

Roofs from Marley in Lancashire are sturdy and durable. They’re guaranteed to last for at least 30 years if well-maintained and cared for. Leakages are usually a result of damage to the lead used for flashings. If you are looking for Marley tiles and other products, contact North West Roofing Supplies. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide advice on how to install your roof, conduct repairs and maintenance in the most cost effective and efficient way.