Need Roof Slates in Oldham

Need Roof Slates in Oldham
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When you need roof slates in Oldham, North West Roofing Supplies will have the size and quantity you want or we can offer a quick turnaround when we order them for you. We supply do-it-yourselfers with all roofing products but for slate roofing products; we don’t recommend the building owner tackle the job himself. The reason being slate roof tiles are fragile so they break easily and slate is difficult to install. Before you hire a professional ask for references to make sure he or she is experienced installing slate roofs. A professionally installed slate roof can last one-hundred years and usually more. Except for a tile repair or replacement, you will never have to re-roof again.  Plus, a slate roof is beautiful with a choice of many colours from which to choose.

Longevity is the biggest plus to installing a slate roof. For the major drawback when building owners in Oldham need roof slates, check the cost. The initial cost of slate roofs might be several times that of other products. However, the roof pays you back by never needing replacement.  Slate is an environmentally friendly roofing material because 5% of all landfill waste is asphalt shingles being replaced every 20 years. You don’t contribute to that waste when you use slate. Aside from the longevity of slate, another big plus is the fireproof qualities. Both durable and fireproof, slate is a natural stone. That’s also why it’s so beautiful. Your slate roof will not ignite from flaming debris of a wildfire or neighbour fire. A fire in your house will not be accelerated by the roof catching fire.

Our staff at North West Roofing Supplies can answer all your questions when you need roof slates in Oldham. Many believe slate to be the highest quality roofing material available. North West Roofing Supplies will have a good selection of colours and sizes in stock. We know our slate and are pleased to take the time to familiarise you with the many benefits of roof slates. Contact us and we will tell you how to know if your building is a good candidate for slate roofing. We can offer examples of existing slate roofs in the area, both new and old for you to see in person. You want an experienced roofing contractor but if you don’t have one lined up we have a few recommendations we trust.