Roof Slates in Blackpool

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Ensure that your roof slates in Blackpool are purchased only from a top quality firm like North West Roofing Supplies. Whether you’re undertaking a new build, repairs, renovations or refurbishments, it’s important to make sure that you select the best quality slates. Though it may seem like a heavy investment, quality always pays off in the long run. Slate roofs are among most successful roof systems almost everywhere in the world. What makes them so popular is that they are attractive, long-lasting and provide years of great service. All you need to ensure is that you invest some amount of effort, time and money in maintenance. When roof slates get old or damaged, they are easily replaceable. Being a completely natural product, they’re environmentally friendly as compared to the toxic waste generated by certain other types of roofing materials.

For your roofing project in Blackpool, roof slates installation is certainly not a DIY job. You need the services of a trained, experienced and expert professional. The most important thing about getting slate roofs is top quality installation. A well-installed slate roofing system can last for decades, while poorly-installed ones will create endless issues. You could end up spending much more than your original cost. Make sure that you employ only licensed contractors who have done similar projects before. One of the issues that people consider while installing slate roofs is the cost. These roofs are slightly more expensive as compared to other materials. However, these roofs are beautiful, weather resistant, wind and water proof and gain in looks as they age. They’re also fire resistant.

What we tell our customers is that your roof slates in Blackpool will outlast you. With some amount of normal care, these roofs have been known to last for more than 150 years. You can still see some very old ones in listed buildings, old farms and country cottages. Installing a slate roof boosts your property value immensely, if you’re planning to rent, sell or lease the building. To find out more about our roof slates, contact North West Roofing Supplies. We have a comprehensive range of colours in slate tiles so you can select the one that best matches your requirements.