Roof Vents in Lytham

Roof Vents in Poulton le Fylde
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Roof Vents in LythamRoof vents in Lytham are part of the roofing system so we stock them for our roofing contractors. Vents are one of several components like guttering and soffits critical to a complete roofing system. Just below your roof is your attic and if it’s not properly ventilated moisture problems will lead to moisture build-up. Moisture build-up leads to loss of energy efficiency, mould growth and insect infestations. You need roof vents but don’t overdo it. Each is a potential source for leaks. Most roofers recommend one square foot of ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space. The benefits of roof vents are needed in all climates. You want to conserve energy and you can do that with roofing materials and insulation. Eliminating roof vents to keep air out is counterproductive.

Your roofing contractor is a professional and should be the one to decide the number of vents needed and their location. In some homes in Lytham, roof vents may never have been installed. The sooner that’s corrected the better. In other homes, vents may be installed but they are not working effectively. As with all roofing materials some brands are more effectively designed than others. Some don’t let air through and others let very little through. Still others trap air inside. Many professional roofers and inspectors have determined that a ridge and soffit continuous ventilation system is usually most effective. Even this system needs to be checked after installation to be sure it’s working as expected.

We stock multiple types of roof vents in Lytham. We are selective about the brands we choose. We only want those proven effective and durable. We’re familiar with our suppliers products so we can answer any questions you may have or if not, get the answer for you direct from the supplier. Installing a roof vent system that works correctly should be a top priority on your home maintenance list because it protects your home from damaging moisture. Contact North West Roofing Supplies or come into one of our locations and inquire about our stock of roof vents. You’ll find that installing a roof vent system is not a high priced home improvement compared to many. But when it comes to home protection, the vents are priceless.