Roof Windows in Widnes

Looking for Skylight Products in St Helens
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Roof Windows in WidnesIf you need natural lighting in a room that has no windows then roof windows in Widnes are the perfect choice. We are proud to be able to supply everything a roofer or DIY enthusiast needs from slates and tiles to timber and insulation and much more. Our business was established in 2001 in St Helens but since then we have expanded with 3 branches covering the whole of the North West. We have developed and maintained special relationships with key suppliers and can therefore offer some of the best rates available in the roofing industry. We ensure that all our products are of the very highest quality and can import special items at your request.

We are proud to be a supplier of the Velux range of products. In Widnes, roof windows can actually save you money by allowing natural light into your home and cutting down on the consumption of electricity for ceiling lights. Quality is a major priority at Velux and they devote extensive resources to testing, quality control and market testing to ensure their products meet all quality requirements. In their test department, products are continuously exposed to a variety of tests to make sure they perform beyond expectation. The windows and skylights are exposed to extremes of climates and are expected to function perfectly in daily use for years.

Our company stocks and supplies a wide range of roof windows in Widnes. These roof windows have been certified according to ISO 9001 and are manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards. Contact North West Roofing Supplies today or visit one of our showrooms near you.  In specific areas, such as waterproofing the standards that Velux expects are far higher than the usual international requirements. N the countries where Velux was first established it is still possible to find working windows that were installed more than 40 years ago. These exceptionally high quality skylights and roof windows will increase the value of your home and add natural lighting and character to any house.