Roofing Materials in Northwich

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Roofing Materials in NorthwichNorth West Roofing Supplies is one of the largest distributors of guaranteed quality roofing materials in Northwich and across the North West. We now have four locations in Manchester, St Annes, St Helens and Morecambe. We are industry leaders because we carry only proven effective roofing products for all type of roofs. We make gathering needed supplies to replace a roof easy with just a little information needed from you. Tell us your plan and the size of your roof and we will gather everything you need and deliver it to your door six days a week. We can answer your questions and make suggestions because our staff is all full-time with a roofing background. We do not warehouse products whose use, history and performance is unknown to us.

Have you been thinking you might just replace your flat roof yourself and save labour costs? In Northwich, roofing materials from us will help you do the job well. We have everything you need to make a professional job of it. We carry proven quality brands like Icopal. As a leading roofing brand worldwide, Icopal is often specified by builders and architects. We count on them to keep us supplied and trained in using their membrane products so we can pass that along to our customers. IKO is synonymous with waterproofing, and is the UK leader in waterproofing systems. RubberBond FleeceBack is an excellent product. However, only registered contractors who have been trained to install the product may use it. If you decide you want a licensed contractor, we know some of the best.

Replacing a flat roof with roofing materials in Northwich along with professional guidance from us is doable for the handyman with the right tools. In fact, consider installing a roof window while you are on the roof. We carry a wide selection of Velux brand skylights which exceed standards for water tightness. Bring your roof dimensions and your plans to us. If you are looking for roofing materials, contact North West Roofing Supplies. We have everything you need to get the job done with guaranteed materials from the best manufacturers.