Roofing Merchants in Kendal

Marley in Lancashire
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Roofing Merchants in KendalNorth West Roofing Supplies, roofing merchants in Kendal and throughout St Annes, Manchester, St Helens and Morecambe continues to expand across the North West. More branches mean we are able to offer faster delivery to our clients. Our stock of materials continues to grow as well. Whatever roofing materials you need; we can likely supply them. North West Roofing Supplies has been in business since 2001. During that time, we have learned how to supply the finest roofing products at the lowest prices. We have assembled a network of industry leaders as our suppliers. We have the buying power to buy in large quantities which means lower prices passed on to the customer. They keep us updated on new and updated products s we can bring them to you.

In Kendal, roofing merchants at North West Roofing offer free services to make your job easier. Give us the roof dimensions and the material you want to use. With that information, we can assemble all the materials you will need in the right amount for your roofing project. This service makes estimating jobs easier for contractors and more accurate. Tell us the day you want to begin your project and we will have the material ready and waiting for you at the job site. Everything from tiles to timbers to insulation will be included. If your client insists imported Spanish slate for their roof tiles we have the best. Flat roofing supplies for a totally waterproof roof can be found at North West Roofing. All the accessories needed for roofing from nails to vents will be ready for your use.

Roofing merchants in Kendal commonly use lead sheeting for weatherproofing. Lead is always a concern so we use a leading supplier with rigorous standards according to British Standards. The lead sheets from our supplier are pure with a consistent thickness and meet weight standards set forth by UK standards. Maybe you don’t need a whole roof. Maybe you just need some pitched roof tiles replaced. North West Roofing is happy to search out matching tiles for your roof. If you need a contractor to do the work, just ask for recommendations. We know the best in the business. Contact North West Roofing Supplies for more about roofing merchants.