Roofing Supplies in Windermere

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Roofing Supplies in WindermereA comprehensive supply of roofing supplies in Windermere for roofing contractors is provided by North West Roofing Supplies. With such easy access to one of our four supply houses, many roofers think of us as their warehouse. Our prices are always the best so they do not have to stock up and store materials between jobs. Bring your supply list for each job to us. We will price it out for you so you can give your customer an accurate estimate. If your customer wants an itemised estimate, instead of a whole job price, you will have all the information to make invoicing easy. We will deliver everything you need to complete the job to the site six days a week. You can rely on our punctuality.

In Windermere, roofing supplies from North West Roofing Supplies cover the whole spectrum of supplies in quantities large or small. Tiles, slates, flat roof materials, roof windows and all ancillary materials to get each job done to the customer’s satisfaction. Don’t forget the Redland Innofix tile clips. With those handy clips, you do not need tools. We have a network of suppliers with which we have been building relationships for fifteen years. They help us pass on the lowest prices possible so you can give your customers the best price. We stock the well-known brands that have proven to be the best value. Brands like Redland, MarleyEternit and CUPAPAZZARA, all of which meet European standards.

North West Roofing Supplies is here to help the DIY homeowner with roofing supplies in Windermere. When you are making roof repairs and need matching slates or tiles, we can locate them for you if we do not have them in stock. We can advise you on products and quantities if you are reroofing your house. Give us your roof measurements and we will develop a supply list for you. You will have everything you need before you start the job. Our staff knows the products and the roofing process. When you ask them a question, they actually have the answer. North West Roofing Supplies, with branches in St. Annes, Manchester and St. Helens, now welcomes customers to our newest location in Morecambe. For information about roofing supplies, contact North West Roofing Supplies.