Timber Products in Bootle

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roofing-timber-suppliersNorth West Roofing Supplies stocks timber products in Bootle, including timber roof trusses. If you’re a metal trusses fan, you should at least consider the benefits of wood. It is becoming more popular around the world to use wood instead of metal. Timber is a renewable resource so that fact alone is enough for some environmentalists. Wood beams can be longer without adding supports. That opens usable space in a home and gives architects flexibility. Timber is easier to work with on site. Timber trusses are accurately manufactured to uniform size. They are lightweight but more durable than metal. If you choose timber trusses for your roofing project and order them from North West Roofing Supplies, we will come out and measure up your job for you.

Trusses are not the only timber products we sell at North West Roofing. In Bootle, timber products are stocked at all of our locations. We carry both plywood and OSB boards. Some prefer plywood and others OSB so we carry both. We have timber roofing battens if you prefer them to metal or plastic. Count on North West Roofing Supplies for all your roofing products and accessories. We all have preferences for building the most important component of any building construction project; the roof that protects everything else. We have thousands of roofing products and accessories available for delivery anywhere locally and nationally.

You can find our timber products in Bootle and at any of our four locations; St. Annes, Manchester, St. Helens and Morecambe. We opened our first store in St. Helens in 2001 and we are grateful for the loyal customers that have stayed with us enabling us to expand to 3 more locations. We guarantee our best rate to our customers. Call us or come by one of our stores when you are looking for Timber products or any other roofing needs. We give free advice and it will be accurate because our employees all have a roofing background. Imagine a store whose employees know all about the products and how they are used. If you are tackling a do-it-yourself roofing project bring your roof dimensions in. We’ll make sure you have everything for a successful job.